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October 31, 2013

Song of the Myrne: demo update

Here she goes, the new demo version of Song of the Myrne !

Let's see what changed since the last one:

  • We now aim with the mouse
  • Interactions with items, NPCs, items,... is also done with the mouse
  • Rebalance of stats, both for players and creatures (monsters and NPCs)
  • Rebalance of the equipment. I also changed the way potions and food works
  • Skill trees: new skills and rebalance of old ones
  • A lot of little things here and there

As usual you can find this new version here :

=> Yep, just here ! <=

Don't hesitate to post your thoughts (positive like negative) of the game in the comments below.

I'm reading all your feedbacks and always try to answer.

Have fun ;)

October 20, 2013

Song of the Myrne: Some news

Hey everyone !

It's been three months since I posted the last demo of the game. So I guess it's time to keep you abreast (not sure about the expression^^) on what I'm doing now.

First of all, I'm planning to release a new demo soon to includes all the gameplay changes that I made during these last months:

  • New aiming system

  • Which comes with a new way to open doors, open crates, speak to NPC's, etc

Some of the new icons for when we over stuff with the mouse

  • Redesign of the interface and a big rebalance of all the game stats (HP of the player, the creatures, etc, mana, stuff,...)

Of course I worked a lot on the content that isn't in the demos. I made a lot of progress but their still have a lot to do to finish the game.

But it's super secret !

Here's a croped picture of one of the place you'll go in the full game.

As you can see, it's not always grass and trees^^

And it's all for today folks.

See ya !

August 12, 2013

Song of the Myrne: new version for the demo

Hello everyone !

I managed to get a new demo for SotM.

Here's the new things you'll find in it:

  • New graphics
The main reason for this demo. I redid most of the houses facades, all the roofs, all interior walls and part of the interior floors. I also gave a small rounded effect to certain types of grounds: sand, dirt roads,...

  • New starting map for the archer
The map is quite similar to the old one, but it should not cause lags anymore. Plus, it's a little nicer. I also added a little surprise on the island :)

  • A lot of sound effects
I added a bunch of game sounds, including different ones for stepping on different types of ground.

  • Random stuff and bugfix
New craft items, some changes at the Academy of the Mages, a loading screen, one or two dialogues redone, etc, etc...

That's all. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you've played the last demo or the one before, it will be of little interest to play this one, but if you have not played with the two characters, it's time to do it ;)

As always, you can download the latest version of the demo on this page.

Enjoy, and as always do not hesitate to report any bug or problem that you may possibly come across (especially about the english translation).

August 4, 2013

Song of the Myrne: it's been a loooong time

Hey guys !

So, what have I been up to for... let's see... two months.

Well, I worked on Song of the Myrne of course^^. And it improved a lot !


I added a bunch of sounds into the game. Including footsteps !

Let's listen to those in this little video I took.


I also worked on the graphics and I did improve the quality of the game... a lot !

See for yourselves.

Click on the pictures to see them in real size
The interiors
Their still have some minor bugs in this screen but it's fixed now

I also improved the exterior of the houses and some other things too (like the sand and the dirt to smooth them)

Sorry about the night on the upper screen, I don't have much control in the old versions of the game

All of this is possible because I use tilesets now. So it also let me add equipments much more easily and it led me to improve the crafting system a little bit.

Certain craft patterns now give you the choice between two items or give you two items.

Well, that's all for today folks !

I hope you like it. I plan to release a new version of the demo soon to include all of this. I need to get back to all the old levels to add the new graphics and have some consistence into the game. As usual I rather not mention any date but it should be less than a month hopefully.

See you !

June 9, 2013

Song of the Myrne: a new demo

Hello everyone !

It's been a long time (I'm most active on the french version of this blog). But it was worth the wait.

A lot of things changed since the first demo of the game. I'll try to list them all but I'll probably forget a lot of things:

  • No more classes. Build your character as you want !
  • Skills
  • Inventory
  • Equipment which is apparent on the character
  • More and better dialogs and quests
  • Collect ressources and craft stuff and items with them
  • A better interface
  • A lot less bugs (I hope^^)

You can download it here (direct link) or on the presentation page of the game.

I really hope you''l like it. Don't hesitate to report any bug or to make criticism, suggestions in the comment or by mail. I read all your feedbacks.

Enjoy ;)

May 2, 2013

Myrne 6312

Hi folks !

Here, you'll found all the informations about "Myrne 6312".

Myrne 6312 ? What the heck is that?

Myrne 6312 is a little topdown shooter taking place in a space station where things have really gone wrong.

You'll play as two astronauts desperatly trying to survive and to leave the station.

Myrne 6312 got retro graphics, inspired by the MMO Realm of the Mad God. Musics were created by my friend RedSam and his brother, Jim Henderson Jr (you can listen to and download his musics here).

I created this game in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 26.


Myrne 6312 is actually only playable by two players, in coop. Learn how to position yourself to not receive lost shots, share resources, and drag the corpse of a dead ally to a Rezotron-3000 when things go wrong.

Or kill your friend, lock him into a corridor which he doesn't got the access card or in a room infested by zombies... I don't care^^.

A hardcore game, retro style

Myrne 3612 is certainly not the easiest game ever (but far from the hardest) but it will reward you for your efforts as it offers no less than five different endings, depending on how you escape.

Shut up and take my money !

Myrne 6312 is totally free and can be played and/or downloaded on the Ludum Dare website.

Click here to play it ! (Ludum Dare website) 
Or here (Gamejolt) (I actually get some money with this link)

I hope the game will appeal to you. Comments are here for suggestions, feedbacks, etc ;)

March 28, 2013

Song of the Myrne: Little video

Hello everyone !

It's pretty late here so I'll simply copy/paste the video description to avoid repeating myself in a bad english, sorry guys :S

A little video to show you the actual progress on the game, because screenshots don't show the true nature of a game.

You can see:
  • The Archer's gameplay
  • An escort quest: don't worry, if the PNJ dies you don't have to retry over and over, the game takes the death in count and change the ending of the quest according to that

Thanks for watching ;)

March 14, 2013

Song of the Myrne: Better AI and enemies skills

Hello everyone !

I improved the monsters and NPC AI a little.

They move smoother and can cast spells or shoot arrows and stuff like that. The result is pretty stunning.

But see for yourselves. This mage is level 2 (but got a lot of life) and I'm a level 6 chracter according to the stats points I'm using.


Of course this mage will not be an enemy in the final product but I'll make some ranged enemies like black mages, archers bandits, etc

The bosses will also offer a bigger and better challenge by throwing stuff at you.

I hope you enjoy the changes as much as I am ;)

March 9, 2013

Song of the Myrne: pictures of the day

Hi, two little pictures today

One from the game. It's a shop in a cave. It makes me thing about Arx Fatalis^^

Don't forget to click on it to see an image in its real size

The second one is a modification of my Blender render. I made some changes for a little contest.

I'm pretty proud of it^^

The game moves very well by the way. I'm adding actual content (levels, quests, etc).

Here's for today. Bye.

March 7, 2013

Song of the Myrne: so much things to show

Hello everyone !

As usual, sorry for the lack of content on this blog. Writing in english isn't really my favourite thing to do so I usually forget to post here when I update my french blog.

So here's some random infos.

Dialogue's editor

I made this to help me gain time when writing dialogues. I used to write them directly in javascript.

It also help a lot for the english traduction ;)

A brand new class: Archer

I started to implement this new class. It's not finished yet but will be for the next demo of the game (don't ask for a date^^).

It's of course a distance based class but it will also includes some melee attacks and I implemented dodging for him/her so it should be playable like some kind of ranger (the class includes survival skills).

If the melee combat feels "right" (balanced, nervous enough,...) I plan to add a third class based on it. Some kind of knight which will be able to block attacks with a shield.


I added a very basic system of craft to make potions, cooking and stuff like that.

"Viande" means meat

Collecting ressources is now a set of skills that increase automatically (think Morrowind^^), they don't need skill points.

"I need a pickaxe to do that"


Someone made me some artworks for the mage's skill trees. Don't hesitate to visit his blog (in english).

You can get full size pictures without the skills icons here with a picture of the mage.

Random stuff

And finally here's a picture I posted today to show what I'm currently working on.

Note that the interface changed a bit

And to conclude this post entry, here's a 3D render of the mage i made with Blender, just for fun. I'm pretty proud of it^^. I'll probably make more of it and use them in menus and stuff...

Annnd, it's done. I'll try to post here more often to avoid posting so much stuff at once ;)

Hope you liked it. See you next time.

January 14, 2013

Song of the Myrne: The skills

[Announce: There's some issues with the image hosting of the blog, the template will be back as soon as possible.]

Hello everyone !

I worked on the skills of the game and it goes pretty well for the moment and I finished a little less than half of the skills.

Players who will develop the Thunder skill tree will meet Fluffy, a psychotic bunny that will help them in their adventures.

Well, I let you discover all this in a little video.

As usual, the music is from RedSam

I forgot to show the heal skill in the video. It looks like this:

The game is really more fun with these skils and I hope you'll dicover this in the next demo (don't know when it'll get ready).

I hope you like it.

Bye :)