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October 9, 2018

Myrne 6313 - Skills

Hey everybody!

I started working on Skills some days ago.

Like I did with the game items and quests, I transitioned to ScriptableObjects to make my life easier. Creating a skill (name, picture, description and steps, not the code behind it) is super easy with those, I just have to  create a new file and fill the informations in the Inspector window).

I promise, I'll make a post about ScriptableObjects one day :D

For this game, skills are composed of steps, so you'll be able to better customize your gameplay I think.

For the moment I only plan to add passive skills. I noticed while working on "Myrne: The Quest" that it's easier to manage abilities through items (for exemple by creating a "Fire Wand" instead of a "Fireball" skill). I might change my mind in the future and add magic as skills instead of items but I'm not sure yet.

In this game futuristic setting, it makes more sense that magic would be merged in items by techno-mages so everyone can wield them. I don't think the player character will have any magic abilities of her own, since she's a nobody.

Anyway, here's the result.

The skills will probably change (will probably merge some of them together, add more chaining and also more skills, you can see the fitness part ain't done yet).

And that's all for today. See you next time ;)

October 1, 2018

[Video] Myrne 6313 - New gunplay

Hey everyone!

Remember when I was talking about the new accuracy system, movements, etc...? (psst, no idea what I'm talking about? This way please...)

I made a video showcasing all that, and a little (but really nice) addition. I changed the way the guns are displayed on your character so that the guns now face the crosshair.

Bullets are also shot from the gun's tip instead of the middle of the player character. This is a small change but it really adds to the gameplay. It's now less likely to accidentally shot a wall instead of your target, yay!

And that's all for today (maybe, I'm super motivated and will continue working on the game :D)

September 17, 2018

Unity - Fixing the "importing small assets" bug

Hey guys!

I'm getting back at Myrne 6313 after a kinda long period (about a month) of not doing much on the project.

The reason? A very annoying bug that I wasn't able to fix. I saw some people also having this bug and didn't find a solution that worked for me and finally came up with my own fix (kinda). I tought I'd share it. Hope that will help!

Nothing much to say about the game today since that issue slowed the development of the game intensively. So if you're here for the game news, I think you can stop reading this now :D

The bug

Basically, every time I changed something in a scene (a level) of the game, a small window poped up stating something along the line of "importing small assets". The window stayed for a few seconds. This happened every time I made a change after starting the game or switching to another software (like Photoshop or my browser). Drove me crazy.

This was very frustrating, slowed down my progress A LOT and I had no joy anymore working on that project.

I'm working on a very old version of Unity which I can't upgrade because my project is in UnityScript so I had no hope of this bug being fixed by the Unity team. I've read some solutions online from people suffering from that bug too but nothing worked and I'm not sure my solution will fix it for you, sorry in advance... I know how frustrating that is.

The "solution"

So what was the cause of this bug? My HDD is dying... Simple as that. I noticed other softwares being kinda slow and some weirdness here and there on my computer. So I think my hard drive is at the end of its life. This probably slowed the save feature of Unity. Why only when I switched focus from one soft to another or after playing the game? No idea...

I took the project, moved it to my SSD and now everything is smooth and the popup window never showed up again.

And that's all for today. It sucks that it happened just when I started writing again here but you should see more news from now on. The first 15-20 minutes of the game are almost complete and I might release a playable demo for the occasion (maybe not, don't quote me on that^^).

Edit Sept 24th: Okay, the issue came back... and I re-fixed it by cleaning up the project. Removing a lot of unused textures and prefabs (this is a project built on an older one, really messy stuff). Maybe it will come back, who knows :S

August 10, 2018

Myrne 6313 - Guns accuracy, recoil...

Hey everyone!

Since I worked on very boring, UI related stuff those last few days but I promised to talk about the game in a regular basis, I guess I'll have to find something to talk about :D

No worries, since the last couple of videos I showed, I drastically improved the gun play of the game. So let's talk about that!

The bad


Since Myrne 6313 is an RPG, the gun play is tied to the player's stats. This, of course, mean the damages dealt by weapons will vary with your stats and skills, but also that your accuracy will be based on your dexterity.

The UI is now cleaner and I reworked the equipment window

What I previously did to reflect that was to add an "imprecision" angle to each weapon, and decrease that angle the higher the player's dexterity was.


In the meantime, I was having issues with player movements in fights. Most fights consisted on shooting at enemies while walking backward to avoid being hit. So, I added some kind of recoil to most of the guns. When you fired a shot, your character stopped moving for a very short delay.

Items management

And I had a third issue, which was tied to how I manage the data of my items in the game (I'll probably talk about that some day, ScriptableObjects in Unity are awesome!), which means, at that time, same weapons couldn't have different... things. Like, if you shot your "kinetic pistol" and left 3 bullets in the magazine, every "kinetic pistol" in the whole game would have 3 bullets left. For that reason, weapons didn't use magazines and just used ammo from your inventory.

All of that was... not good!

Every weapon felt inaccurate and improving accuracy of a weapon rendered the dexterity stat pretty much useless and getting stopped each time you took a shot was annoying.

So, what did I do?

The good

I reworked the whole damn thing. I took a look at how other games handled those issues (mainly Enter the Gungeon and... Fortnite, yup, a third-person shooter) and I ended up adding a crosshair, which somehow fixed mostly all my issues ;)


I kept that idea of an "imprecision angle" but binding it to a crosshair changed everything. The imprecision is now visible, which means I can take some liberties with it and actually show it to the player.

The imprecision angle is represented by how wide the crosshair is. It gets wider when you're moving, after you take a shot and I might add the ability to hold the right mouse button to slow down and aim more precisely, I'm not sure yet.

On the left side, I'm standing still and the shot is guaranteed to touch that monster.
On the right, that's what happen when you move and just take a shot with the pistol, next shot will not be accurate (and you can see the bullet shot isn't heading to the middle of my crosshair) ;)

It progressively narrows down if you're not doing any of those things, with a minimum defined by the weapon itself (and probably some passive skill(s) that will let you improve your aim).

That way, improving dexterity for a better and quicker aim is a thing you'll want to do, but at the same time, it's possible to take a perfect shot if you want to (and have a precise weapon).


Shooting some weapons will slow you down and decrease your aim, adding more depth to fights since you have to find the best moment to shoot, take the risk to stand still to take better shots and now when to... reload your weapon...

Items management

I will not get into the technical details today but I better understand ScriptableObjects now and have gained more freedom with the game items. So, the guns now holds ammo and have to be reloaded after x shots.

Reloading a weapon slows you down.

Last words

I'll try to make a video that show all that and in a less boring way than my endless babbling :D

Edit: done ;)

See you next time!

August 3, 2018

Back to the blog! Myrne 6313 presentation

Hey guys, gals...!

I decided to get back to my devblogs! I used to write on the french version of the blog when I was working on my previous games (well, less for "Myrne: The Quest"). I decided to do that again except this time I'll mostly write on the international version, which means here ;)

Anyway, let's talk about something that's not 100% boring and self-centered.

Presenting Myrne 6313

Wait! Didn't you release this game an eternity ago?

Nope, that was Myrne 6312 (a very old and amateur project I did for the Ludum Dare a while ago)... This one is a different project. 6313 is basically "Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath" (if you didn't play it already, it's right here on Steam) except it takes place in space... Everything is better in space (except a lot of things, like breathing, I heard it's terrible).


That means it will feature some crafting, a lot of RPG elements (since IT IS an RPG) and as usual with the Myrne games, you'll find yourself talking to complete morons while trying to achieve your less than epic goal (this time you somehow managed to crash your ship on a moon, your boss will be so happy...)

Before the weapon and aiming overall

You'll visit different moons and planets while upgrading your stuff (with no predefined classes, play as you like).

More infos, please

The game is in development for quite some time (a year, give or take) so I already released some videos showing what it will be like.

Latest screen (August 3rd)

"Check a look" at that my Youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss future videos (well, if Youtube's algorithm is okay with that, anyway)

Here's a video showing some gunplay (which changed a lot since that video :S)

That's all for today

I'll try to post here on a regular basis, don't know how often, yet.

See ya!