January 3, 2014

Song of the Myrne: Introducing What Lies Beneath

Hello everyone !

Here, you'll find all informations concerning Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath.

Yeah, thanks but we're aware of the SotM thing.

Well, not really. What Lies Beneath (let's call it WLB from here) isn't really Song of the Myrne. It's a little adventure for you to enjoy while you wait for Song of the Myrne to be released.

Here's a short video to show you what SotM: What Lies Beneath is about :

And here's random facts about this game :

  • It's more "adventure" and less "RPG" than SotM
Basically, the two games are the same but WLB contains less dialogs and more action. Also, it's a very linear game.

But there's of course some new content like a new character with a new story, unique environments, bosses, etc...

  • It's a short but full game
Unless the demo of SotM, What Lies Beneath is a full game, their's a beginning and an end. Also it doesn't requires Song of the Myrne to run.

I made the musics myself for this game, using Magix Music Maker. You get the OST with the game for no extra charge.

Here's a foretaste =)

Why do you need money exactly ?
To eat, pay some licences and continue to make games ;)

There isn't any demo of the game ?
Yes there is ! You can download the latest demo of the game here: http://beldarak.be/en/wlb.php

What Lies Beneath is available on Desura and IndieGameStand (DRM-free + Desura key) :

Some reviews, Let's Play, etc...