May 2, 2013

Myrne 6312

Hi folks !

Here, you'll found all the informations about "Myrne 6312".

Myrne 6312 ? What the heck is that?

Myrne 6312 is a little topdown shooter taking place in a space station where things have really gone wrong.

You'll play as two astronauts desperatly trying to survive and to leave the station.

Myrne 6312 got retro graphics, inspired by the MMO Realm of the Mad God. Musics were created by my friend RedSam and his brother, Jim Henderson Jr (you can listen to and download his musics here).

I created this game in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 26.


Myrne 6312 is actually only playable by two players, in coop. Learn how to position yourself to not receive lost shots, share resources, and drag the corpse of a dead ally to a Rezotron-3000 when things go wrong.

Or kill your friend, lock him into a corridor which he doesn't got the access card or in a room infested by zombies... I don't care^^.

A hardcore game, retro style

Myrne 3612 is certainly not the easiest game ever (but far from the hardest) but it will reward you for your efforts as it offers no less than five different endings, depending on how you escape.

Shut up and take my money !

Myrne 6312 is totally free and can be played and/or downloaded on the Ludum Dare website.

Click here to play it ! (Ludum Dare website) 
Or here (Gamejolt) (I actually get some money with this link)

I hope the game will appeal to you. Comments are here for suggestions, feedbacks, etc ;)


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