December 24, 2012

Song of the Myrne: Presentation and demo

Hello everyone !

Today I present you a "little" RPG I'm working on.

It's a simple fantasy ARPG with some random elements in it to offer some kind of replayability (I'm not saying it will be interesting to replay it right after you finish it but it will definitely be six months after).

It's humorous, definitely not a serious RPG and there's some dialogues options which sometimes affect the game. Again, I don't want to mislead you, I'm not speaking of a game where the world is totally changed if you decide to drink a cup of coffee instead of one of tea...

SotM isn't open world but their's some side quests and I'll add one or two factions (religions/sects) to make the replayability more interesting. Their's also two main quests depending on the character you choose (your choice doesn't determine your play style, you can build your character as you please).

I'm on a "when it's done" approach when it comes to the release date but you can already try the demo. It's the beginning of the game without any constraints.

I hope you'll take the same pleasure as I take while making it (except when nothing works of course^^).
(you can play it in english but I recommend the french version if you speak it, since it's my first language).

Latest version: b0.4 (October 30th 2013)

Windows version;
MacOS version
Linux version

Previous version: b0.3.1 (September 7th 2013)
Windows version;
MacOS version
Linux version


IGP (The Indie Game Promoter)

Another great review but, once again, old graphics.

Another Game

A written review. The graphics have changed since this review but the rest of it is really accurate.


Here's a review by EaglEyeLoco of the latest demo. He's missing out some of the features because the game's not as intuitive and bugfree as what I thought it was (will fix it as soon as possible^^) but it covers enough to give you a feel of the game. Thanks a lot to him.

The Pixel Pirate

You can also watch the review of a very old demo (seriously, it's really old and lack mostly all features^^) made by The Pixel Pirate. A big "Thanks !" to him, he was the first one to review the game.

Have fun :)

PS: don't hesitate to report any bug you'd encounter or to tell me what you think of the game.


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