September 12, 2012

Myrne: Cold World - Water

Hi everyone !

Here's some news about Cold World.

First of all, the game is officially in pre-alpha. What does it mean? Nothing. It's just a way to organize my different versions of the game. But what it really suggests is that Cold World is now "playable" (somehow). We can create or join a game and kill each other with a handgun.

We're far from what the final game will be like but it's a real relief for me to see I am able to make the game work in multiplayer. I wasn't sure I could do it when I started the game developpement as a test.

I'm seeking to release a first demo once the game will hit alpha version. For say, when  their will be more weapons (distance and melee) and when conteners like chests, barrels,... will work correctly on network. Of course, I will also work on other game aspects as level design et cetera.

Today I did almost all the water related code (render, physic, oxygen,...).
I have to say I'm impressed and suprised by the result. I made a video to celebrate it^^.

Sorry about the qualité, my computer's getting old

We can't dive yet but I plan to implement it someday.