September 1, 2012

Myrne: Cold World

Hey everyone !

I'm working on a new game.

I reassure you right away, no, I didn't drop off Tower of Namok. I'm just taking a little break to rewrite its scripts, implement them in the new project, and to work on a less ambitious project for a little while.

Ok. Now we can speak about "Myrne: Cold World".

Why does it has a title and a subtitle?

Since the beginning I wanted to group all my games (or at least, the most of them) in one universe. I didn't find a good name for this universe until now. The Myrmidion it is ! And the Myrne is some kind of divine entity which created it. Informations about the Myrne and the Myrmidion's creation will be distilled in the games, like in the Elder Scrolls serie for example. Cold World takes place thousands years after Tower of Namok, that's why there's so much differences between the two games, like the presence of more evolved guns for example.

"Cold World" is a little pun, the island where the game takes place is called "Kold's Island".

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The game is minimalist on purpose

And what will be the point of the game?

This is inspired by the film and the manga "Battle Royale". Like in BR you have to kill without being killed to win the game. There's no respawn and your stuff is totally random (will you begin with a machinegun or with an umbrella? Only the Myrne knows...)

That's just a classic deathmatch in summary...

Nope, I want to add a survival aspect to the game. It takes place on a big open level (by big I want to say one or two km, not a MMO's map). Your caracter will have to eat AND to drink, (not sleeping unfortunately since it's a multiplayer game) and he will die easily, don't expect to take more than three bullets in the body before go blaaargll (I want to add damage localisation one day).

That's it?

More or less. I don't want to make an advanced AAA game, the goal is to make a game which is easy to play and to create. The equipment of the player is more limited than what I made for ToN: one weapon slot, one item slot (flashlight, map,...) and a hat slot (helmet, tuba,...). Finally there's five inventory slots for food, drink and your war trophies (weapon of dead opponents,...).

Maybe I'll add some levels if the game's a (relative) success.

Loot window on the left, Inventory and equipment on the right.

More screenshots in this album.

What about the price?

It will probably be free but I'm not completely sure yet.