August 1, 2012

New Tower of Namok video

Hello everyone !

In this new video, I show off some of RedSam's musics who is charged of all the musics of the game and also some sounds.

It's also a video to show the new first person view. It's still buggy (don't be too attentive to the animations) but it brings a really nice immersive feel in my opinion.

Hope you'll like it.

Also, here's some artworks I posted on the french version of the blog some times ago (sorry to forgot you guys :'( )

Don't forget to click on it if you want to see images in real format. 

The Cook

Lord Ratus

One guard of the Tower 

Sorry for the lack of content by the way. I have a lot to do and translating is a real time-eater.

See you next time guys !