August 3, 2018

Back to the blog! Myrne 6313 presentation

Hey guys, gals...!

I decided to get back to my devblogs! I used to write on the french version of the blog when I was working on my previous games (well, less for "Myrne: The Quest"). I decided to do that again except this time I'll mostly write on the international version, which means here ;)

Anyway, let's talk about something that's not 100% boring and self-centered.

Presenting Myrne 6313

Wait! Didn't you release this game an eternity ago?

Nope, that was Myrne 6312 (a very old and amateur project I did for the Ludum Dare a while ago)... This one is a different project. 6313 is basically "Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath" (if you didn't play it already, it's right here on Steam) except it takes place in space... Everything is better in space (except a lot of things, like breathing, I heard it's terrible).


That means it will feature some crafting, a lot of RPG elements (since IT IS an RPG) and as usual with the Myrne games, you'll find yourself talking to complete morons while trying to achieve your less than epic goal (this time you somehow managed to crash your ship on a moon, your boss will be so happy...)

Before the weapon and aiming overall

You'll visit different moons and planets while upgrading your stuff (with no predefined classes, play as you like).

More infos, please

The game is in development for quite some time (a year, give or take) so I already released some videos showing what it will be like.

Latest screen (August 3rd)

"Check a look" at that my Youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss future videos (well, if Youtube's algorithm is okay with that, anyway)

Here's a video showing some gunplay (which changed a lot since that video :S)

That's all for today

I'll try to post here on a regular basis, don't know how often, yet.

See ya!


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