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April 25, 2014

What Lies Beneath for a dollar (Groupees bundle)

Hey everyone !

What Lies Beneath is available on the newest Groupees bundle for a minimum of one dollar.

This is boosting my Greenlight campaign... a lot ! Yay !

We are now at 28% of the path to the top 100.

Have fun ;)

April 15, 2014

My games: some random news

Hey everyone !

Here's some of the things I worked on the past few... let's see... month. For the last month. There's much to cover^^

Under the Myrne

First of all I started a new project. Don't worry, it's a "little" side project so I don't work a lot on it to avoid taking too much delay on Song of the Myrne. I decided to work on it only the last week of each month.

Also keep in mind that I might never finish this one and/or that it could (and will !) change a lot through the development. So don't get too excited about it ;)

In summary it's a mix between Castlevania, Dark Souls and Terraria. I know, that's cool^^.

You'll start in this castle, completely free to go wherever you want, with NPCs telling you the very basic of what you should know

  • You'll be able to visit different areas, not like in Terraria but more like in a Metroidvania fashion, I think the perfect exemple of what I want to do with the open-world is Guacamelee (awesome stuff, you should play it !)
  • As in Dark Souls, you'll be droped in the world without a lot of explanations of what you're suppose to do exactly. I really want to give you that discovery and exploration feel that most of recent games lack (thanks Obama !) because they tend to give you too much hints (when it's not a fracking glowing line in the middle of the road :/)
  • Like in Terraria you'll be able to mine blocks, build your own house, craft a lot of items, etc...

I'm not sure I'll keep the Terraria thing though. You'll probably be able to build a house and other things but maybe not everywhere, I don't really know yet.

The level will not be randomly generated, the whole world will be crafted by hand.

Anyway here's how it looks right now :

Song of the Myrne / What Lies Beneath

  • SotM - I started working on quests and dialogs for Song of the Myrne again. There still have a looooooot to do.
  • SotM & WLB - I reworked some interface textures, I know a lot of you guys don't like the way I mixed different resolutions and art styles, I'm getting a little more skilled at drawing so why not.
Sorry for the french text, it's late and I'm too tired to take new screenshots^^'. Writing blog posts in english is exhausting ><

  • SotM - I reworked the Mage Academy. It was one of the oldest map of the game and was very outdated

Click to see it full size

  • SotM & WLB - Added new sounds (thanks a lot to Bigbreakfast for most of them)

  • SotM & WLB - Added a new Score the Cube map

  • SotM & WLB - I'm actually working on the shields

Basically, blocking makes you lose energy instead of health. And with a good timing you can even throw back attacks.


I should try to write more often here I think :D

What a wall of informations ;)

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