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June 9, 2013

Song of the Myrne: a new demo

Hello everyone !

It's been a long time (I'm most active on the french version of this blog). But it was worth the wait.

A lot of things changed since the first demo of the game. I'll try to list them all but I'll probably forget a lot of things:

  • No more classes. Build your character as you want !
  • Skills
  • Inventory
  • Equipment which is apparent on the character
  • More and better dialogs and quests
  • Collect ressources and craft stuff and items with them
  • A better interface
  • A lot less bugs (I hope^^)

You can download it here (direct link) or on the presentation page of the game.

I really hope you''l like it. Don't hesitate to report any bug or to make criticism, suggestions in the comment or by mail. I read all your feedbacks.

Enjoy ;)