September 17, 2018

Unity - Fixing the "importing small assets" bug

Hey guys!

I'm getting back at Myrne 6313 after a kinda long period (about a month) of not doing much on the project.

The reason? A very annoying bug that I wasn't able to fix. I saw some people also having this bug and didn't find a solution that worked for me and finally came up with my own fix (kinda). I tought I'd share it. Hope that will help!

Nothing much to say about the game today since that issue slowed the development of the game intensively. So if you're here for the game news, I think you can stop reading this now :D

The bug

Basically, every time I changed something in a scene (a level) of the game, a small window poped up stating something along the line of "importing small assets". The window stayed for a few seconds. This happened every time I made a change after starting the game or switching to another software (like Photoshop or my browser). Drove me crazy.

This was very frustrating, slowed down my progress A LOT and I had no joy anymore working on that project.

I'm working on a very old version of Unity which I can't upgrade because my project is in UnityScript so I had no hope of this bug being fixed by the Unity team. I've read some solutions online from people suffering from that bug too but nothing worked and I'm not sure my solution will fix it for you, sorry in advance... I know how frustrating that is.

The "solution"

So what was the cause of this bug? My HDD is dying... Simple as that. I noticed other softwares being kinda slow and some weirdness here and there on my computer. So I think my hard drive is at the end of its life. This probably slowed the save feature of Unity. Why only when I switched focus from one soft to another or after playing the game? No idea...

I took the project, moved it to my SSD and now everything is smooth and the popup window never showed up again.

And that's all for today. It sucks that it happened just when I started writing again here but you should see more news from now on. The first 15-20 minutes of the game are almost complete and I might release a playable demo for the occasion (maybe not, don't quote me on that^^).

Edit Sept 24th: Okay, the issue came back... and I re-fixed it by cleaning up the project. Removing a lot of unused textures and prefabs (this is a project built on an older one, really messy stuff). Maybe it will come back, who knows :S


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