October 31, 2013

Song of the Myrne: demo update

Here she goes, the new demo version of Song of the Myrne !

Let's see what changed since the last one:

  • We now aim with the mouse
  • Interactions with items, NPCs, items,... is also done with the mouse
  • Rebalance of stats, both for players and creatures (monsters and NPCs)
  • Rebalance of the equipment. I also changed the way potions and food works
  • Skill trees: new skills and rebalance of old ones
  • A lot of little things here and there

As usual you can find this new version here :

=> Yep, just here ! <=

Don't hesitate to post your thoughts (positive like negative) of the game in the comments below.

I'm reading all your feedbacks and always try to answer.

Have fun ;)