October 20, 2013

Song of the Myrne: Some news

Hey everyone !

It's been three months since I posted the last demo of the game. So I guess it's time to keep you abreast (not sure about the expression^^) on what I'm doing now.

First of all, I'm planning to release a new demo soon to includes all the gameplay changes that I made during these last months:

  • New aiming system

  • Which comes with a new way to open doors, open crates, speak to NPC's, etc

Some of the new icons for when we over stuff with the mouse

  • Redesign of the interface and a big rebalance of all the game stats (HP of the player, the creatures, etc, mana, stuff,...)

Of course I worked a lot on the content that isn't in the demos. I made a lot of progress but their still have a lot to do to finish the game.

But it's super secret !

Here's a croped picture of one of the place you'll go in the full game.

As you can see, it's not always grass and trees^^

And it's all for today folks.

See ya !


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