March 7, 2013

Song of the Myrne: so much things to show

Hello everyone !

As usual, sorry for the lack of content on this blog. Writing in english isn't really my favourite thing to do so I usually forget to post here when I update my french blog.

So here's some random infos.

Dialogue's editor

I made this to help me gain time when writing dialogues. I used to write them directly in javascript.

It also help a lot for the english traduction ;)

A brand new class: Archer

I started to implement this new class. It's not finished yet but will be for the next demo of the game (don't ask for a date^^).

It's of course a distance based class but it will also includes some melee attacks and I implemented dodging for him/her so it should be playable like some kind of ranger (the class includes survival skills).

If the melee combat feels "right" (balanced, nervous enough,...) I plan to add a third class based on it. Some kind of knight which will be able to block attacks with a shield.


I added a very basic system of craft to make potions, cooking and stuff like that.

"Viande" means meat

Collecting ressources is now a set of skills that increase automatically (think Morrowind^^), they don't need skill points.

"I need a pickaxe to do that"


Someone made me some artworks for the mage's skill trees. Don't hesitate to visit his blog (in english).

You can get full size pictures without the skills icons here with a picture of the mage.

Random stuff

And finally here's a picture I posted today to show what I'm currently working on.

Note that the interface changed a bit

And to conclude this post entry, here's a 3D render of the mage i made with Blender, just for fun. I'm pretty proud of it^^. I'll probably make more of it and use them in menus and stuff...

Annnd, it's done. I'll try to post here more often to avoid posting so much stuff at once ;)

Hope you liked it. See you next time.


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