March 18, 2014

Song of the Myrne: "Score the Cube" multiplayer mode

Hey guys !

As you may or may not know, I'm actually working on the multiplayer mode (local split-screen) of Song of the Myrne (and What Lies Beneath).

Today I want to show you the Score the Cube mode.

It's some kind of football mode, except it's far less serious and way more deadly than true football (yes, shooting your enemies to death or create a giant ice rink on the terrain is totally allowed^^).
Today I worked on the ice cube (the ball). It's now bouncing everywhere, slides everywhere... and can be pushed when you hit it.

Here's how the mode looks like for the moment.
Click to see it full size

"Et voilĂ ".

It's not yet in the game. I need to create one or two other deathmatch maps and finish this Score the Cube mode. Then I'll update What Lies Beneath and the demo of Song of the Myrne.