October 23, 2015

Third development anniversary for What Lies Beneath

Hey everyone.

We're October 23th. Three years ago, I started working on a game called "Song of the Myrne". While I never finished that particular game (yup), it was the base on which I built "Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath" (giving the same name to both products will be fun, they said :S ).

Sooo... Let's celebrate !

Game OST for free

The game OST is now freely downloadable by anyone: you, your girl/boy-friend, your dog,... anyone! That means :
I hope you'll like it :)

Those are updated versions of the soundtracks (new tracks, better mp3 tags and cover images) so if you already got the OST you might want to take a look at these and replace your old ones. 

Development album

Since it's an anniversary, let's look at crappy and old pictures^^

This is the evolution of the game(s) during those three years (I tried to arrange them by date but it's not 100% accurate).

And that's all.

Hope you enjoyed that post and the free stuff. It should come with some sweet percents off the game's price pretty soonish (that means soon but not so soon^^).


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